About The Bethlehem Conservation Commission

The Bethlehem Conservation Commission is an official commission of the Town of Bethlehem with its members appointed by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with CT General Statutes Chapter 97, Section 7-13a.

The Conservation Commission has drafted an open space policy for Bethlehem, developed and published a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI), and published a Land Use Guide for residents. The Commission is the steward of the Swendsen Farm Preserve, which also hosts the Community Garden.

The Commission has hosted programs on energy conservation, land conservation through easements and other means, and the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition on the role of Bethlehem at the head of the Watershed.

The Conservation Commission participates in the Annual Garlic Festival and distributes materials on a wide range of environmental issues, as well as trail maps and other information to encourage the public to enjoy our beautiful landscapes.

The Bethlehem Conservation Commission continues to explore ways to encourage responsible and sustainable energy use and environmental policies and activities in town, and to encourage protection and conservation of open space and farmland. The Commission works diligently to care for the Swendsen Preserve and to encourage residents to experience its natural beauty.

The Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the Town Hall. Current members of the Conservation Commission are Cassandra Beauvais,  Jane Pittari, Cynthia Rabinowitz, Nancy Stein, and Patricia Traver.

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