Honey Bee Quandary May 30th Wednesday at 7pm

THE HONEY BEE QUANDARY On Wednesday May 30th at 7:00 pm at the Bethlehem Library's Leever room,  Brenna Traver, PhD  will lead a discussion on the importance of honey bees and why we should be concerned about their declining populations. Some of the topics to be discussed are: what we mean when we say “bee"; how humans have developed a vital relationship with these creatures and why we should care about them.  And she will look at major factors thought to be involved in their declining populations and what we can all do…continue reading →

Black Bears in CT

Monday 7pm April 2, 2018 at Bethlehem Library     Nora Hulton, CT DEEP Master Wildlife Conservationist, and science and math teacher at Washington Montessori School, will deliver a visual presentation entitled Black Bears in Connecticut. The black bear population in Connecticut has continued to increase since the 1980. It’s important for residents and outdoor enthusiasts to learn real facts about black bears enabling them to stay safe, protect themselves and their property and make optimum coexistence with bears. The natural history of black bears in Connecticut, an overview of black bear habitat, diet,…continue reading →

Recycling Authority no longer Reimbursing town for materials

August 9th, 2016 The Board of Selectmen received notice from the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority that the town will no longer get reimbursement for recycling materials.  First Selectman said the town used to get $5/ton of recycling material, such as residential plastics and papers, but the town won't stand to lose a lot of money.  He said it's still better to recycle, because the town pays to haul away trash, and if no one recycled and and put all those items into their household trash, then it would be more expensive to…continue reading →