We all have a lot of stuff.  We can be mindful shoppers when choosing what we buy.  Look for recyclable items and items with a limited amount of packaging whenever you can.


Plastic produce bags can be rinsed or turned inside out and reused at your next shopping trip.  Bubbles for the kids?  When the bottle is empty, fill it with gentle dish soap instead of buying a new bottle.  There are so many ways to use products to their fullest before they must be thrown out.  Let us know your creative solutions!


Here’s something you may not know about recycling at the Transfer Station in Bethlehem.  It costs more money to haul out the regular trash than it does to haul out the recycling.  As we recycle more, the cost to the tax payers of Bethlehem for hauling out our trash will go down!  In 2015, the town saved approximately $20,000 by diverting recyclables from the main stream trash to recycling.  The town was also reimbursed approximately $1650 for its recycling.  IT PAYS TO RECYCLE.

The Transfer Station in Bethlehem works with MIRA (Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority.  You can now ‘single stream’ all your recycling.  No more separating paper from plastics from glass from cardboard….It can all go in together.

  • Corrugated cardboard and chipboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, pasta boxes) Remove liners or windows from boxes.
  • Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, computer paper
  • Aluminum & steel cans (up to 3 gal) and aerosol cans   No paint, pesticides or other hazardous wastes.
  • No.1 & No.2 plastic laundry product containers, all plastic food and beverage containers No black plastic, styrofoam or other foam plastics.  No plastic bags.
  • Juice boxes and milk or juice cartons, rinsed.  Remove caps and straws.
  • Glass food and drink jars & bottles, rinsed and unbroken.   No caps, lids are okay.
  • Large rigid plastic items – toys, buckets, coolers….


Here’s something else you may not know about recycling in Bethlehem.  Failure to recycle in Bethlehem may result in a $100 fine.  You can save money when you recycle.  It may cost you money if you don’t!